Re: Academic or Not?

Subject: Re: Academic or Not?
From: Linda A. Seltzer (lseltzer@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 12:38:22 EDT

Academic music can be considered as music which is composed with
an intention of involving intellectual ideas. Intellectual
ideas could be literary or could involve musical form or could
be scientific. The composer of academic music is concerned with
setting forth an intellectual idea. The piece is not necessarily
intended to be understood by everybody or to be of interest to
everybody. Academic music is still a highly admirable direction
because there are so many interesting intellectual and literary
ideas to explore.

The opposite, folk music, is designed to be immediately accessible
at some level by the ordinary listener. A listener to folk music
may not have the skill to play such music, but the listener
will understand the music's message or respond readily to its
structure. Folk music has a different intention. In EA music,
a composer of folk music may use very sophisticated techniques,
but might not understand them or might not be experimenting with
the technologies in a consciously analytical way.

Linda Seltzer

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