inner space playlist for 04.07.1999.

Subject: inner space playlist for 04.07.1999.
From: Vladimir Jovanovic (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 20:27:13 EDT

Inner Space - a weekly radio program
for beatless minimalistic ambient,
noise, experimental, electroacoustic,
musique concrete, field recordings,
sound artism and similar kinds of
droning and drifting music.
Broadcasting from 22-24 sundays
on 100,5 FM Radio Student in Zagreb, Croatia.

Note from the host:

Because of a computer crash,
I havent had internet access
for the last 10 days and
therefore have not been able
to send my playlists on time,
after the program.
Apologies to all the labels and artists
who have sent me materials for airplay recently
and were awaiting playlists.
Hope everything works out OK from now on.

Playlist for 04.07.1999.

Bill Laswell & Terre Thaemlitz - Open URL

(from The web - Subharmonic)

Saul Stokes - Deep in the grass

(from Washed in mercury - Hypnos Recordings)

Alio Die - Password for entheogenic experience (excerpt)

(from Password for entheogenic experience - Hic Sunt Leones)

Steve Roach - Dreaming and sleep

(from Quiet music - Fortuna Records / Celestias Harmonies)

Steve Roach - The dream circle (excerpt)

(from The dream circle - Timeroom Editions)

Vladimir Jovanovic
host of Inner Space

for info about airplay,
please write to:

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