Re: (Fwd) Thaemlitz RE: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music)

Subject: Re: (Fwd) Thaemlitz RE: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music)
From: Jean Piche (Jean.Piche@UMontreal.CA)
Date: Sat Jul 10 1999 - 09:06:02 EDT

Ian Chuprun wrote:
> I liked Terre's contribution to the discussion, but I cant help thinking that
> there is trouble with the words we are arguing about.
> Side stepping the PAE issue, using Terre's comments (not the only post to
> cecdiscuss which makes these kind of comments mind you):
> > now with Digital Musics' emphasis
> > on marketplace electronica, my electroacoustic entries are prone to
> > dismissal as purely 'academic'.
> I cant help wondering what 'purely academic ' is supposed to mean. Were
> Ussachevesky's Sonic Contours or Piece for Tape Recorder purely academic? What
> about K Stockhausen's Studie II? Looking back at Edgard Varese, is the Poeme
> Electronique purely academic? What about the the early Columbia-Princeton works?
> What about the later works? And if so, which Academy?
> I'd really like to hear a piece of music which is purely academic, and then
> maybe I could participate in this discussion with a degree of understanding.
> Anyone got a suggestion?
> > case and point, my 1999 honorable mention was for a MIDI (totally
> > non-electroacoustic) piece which is not the type of thing i would prefer
> > to be acknowledged for by PAE.
> Since when is a MIDI piece _NOT_ electroacoustic? Without having to dredge up
> that difficult to pin down definition of ea, I find it impossible to put ea on
> one side of the fence and have MIDI sitting on the other. Does MIDI here mean
> instrument patches used live? Is electroacoustics being used to mean a piece for
> tape? Is this why they are presented as opposites?
> > if i were to submit an electroacoustic work it would get 'lost with all of
> > that other electroacoustic stuff that all
> > sounds the same.'
> Ive heard this before too, but it is usually from people who wont spend two
> seconds figuring out the differences. I find it hard to think that an improvised
> electronics work sounds anything like a tape and instrument piece, and works
> made exclusively in the studio rarely sound much like live dsp. Sampler pieces
> usually sound different from sound sculpture pieces, and how in the world could
> a radiophonic work be mistaken for live instrument and computer? I find it hard
> to lump all of these aspects together and say they sound the same.
> Maybe if someone suggested some sound clips from the web, a discussion could
> start centered on a broader base of common knowledge.
> Regards,
> Ian
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I have been meaning to getting into this debate for a while... and i am
of the opinion that prizes can fulfill a useful purpose... for the time

Jean Piche
Universite de Montreal

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