Racks and frack racks

Subject: Racks and frack racks
From: dave solursh (dsolursh@georgian.net)
Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 23:49:25 EDT

Howdy, I have been lucky enough to have made a neat trade with a friend who
works with metal. He has proposed to build the racks that I need for my
music equipment. Right now I don't have any real rack type units and needs
specs and designs (or places to find these) of common coercial rack units.
I know that they are 19" across but that is about all, how far apart are
the hole spaced, what type of thread (metric or imperial) tpi, length,
etc..... Any suggestions are welcome and needed.
        as well I would like to make the fracional type racks that
companies like PAIA offer, does anyonme have any specs and measurments
regading these?
        Thankx in advance, Dave.


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