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Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 04:39:33 EDT

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> At 9:33 AM +1000 7/4/99, a l an b am f o rd wrote:
> >I think it needs to be said that the likes of Aphex Twin and Fennez do
> >not make buckets of loot from their music.
> Huh? Did Aphex Twin buy a tank (you know military vehicle) with his spare
> profits from music and just sit around and make music all day with no
> other source of income?

I have no idea...I was commenting on the lumping of such a range of
people into a asket, nominally, 'commercial', and I did note that RDJ does
make more loot than most others mentioned as prize winners etc etc

This is what I seemed to gather from fans of his
> music. My impression is that he actually does make bucket loads of loot
> from his music.

I dont have a clue how much he makes...if he does well, great...I guess
my point was that the dualistic nature of the categorical split was
misleading...and I bet he has fewer houses in the French countryside than
the Chemical Brothers....

Fennesz (and others) on the other hand, probably don't
> clear nearly as much. By the same token, some people who play rock music
> are sickeningly rich, but one must not forget that most of them are
> incredibly poor too.

point taken...

"Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds"
Wild Bill Shakespeare.

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