Re: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music) 2 centimes...

Subject: Re: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music) 2 centimes...
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 22:57:10 EDT

Thank you Linda. A clear articulate view.

You also wrote:

>But at the same time, I don't understand why people are
>conferring so much power on the administrators and judges
>of prizes, as if their opinions somehow matter more than
>the opinions of people who are not jury members or prize
>administrators. The prize organizations are being treated
>as if their decisions have much more persuasiveness than they
>really have.

The issue also, IMO, includes one of the allocation of, and access to
resources. While one group has control of (access to) resources, (which
can include $$$$ as well as 'prestige 'n power'), then other segments of
the community, (be they in Argentina, from Bourges, or the historical
supression of visible minorities (and majorities!!)), do not.

This, IMV, is how these organizations (and their decisions) are
persuasive, and exercise their power and control.



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