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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music) 2 centimes...
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 15:52:10 EDT

Going on from what Barry Truax, Alan Ford, and Katherine Norman wrote concerning the
pros and cons re a possible division of the PAE (or other prizes') categories into
"popular" and "artistic", I should say that
(a) this would correspond to the former distinction between so-called "entertaining"
("U") and "serious" ("E") music rather than being something so entirely new in this
regard, while I am of the opinion that the more general (and less rigid) term
"digital music(s)" much more complies with the variety of possibilities which do
exist in this field due to the greater availability of technology and scope of
demands given today (while the E/U distinction has ever been proven to be not overly
valid ; so evidence of the reciprocally being influenced of both "art" and "popular"
music can be found throughout about the whole history of music) ;
(b) (fellow) trends (in a certain way) following to what is up-to-date did and do
ever exist in music ; why not accept that this is more rightly the crunch point of a
more general parameter change which is happening again today, and with quite a
justification at the turn of the 21st century...; categories at which to hang on a
more generalizable distinction are necessary, no doubt, yet -- please! -- not back to
the old stockings from before yesterday again...;
(c) whether or not somebody does make "big money" out of his music does refer to
ethical aspects and hence to everyone's proper (and self-responsible) intentions
rather than to the general rules and preconditions given for this (or any)
competition. Yet I do fully agree with what Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote in a former
statement, that in a certain way one has to meet the (social, competional) demands in
order to be successful (at a given time) -- and hereof also quite a lot of examples
can be found in music and art history again...; yet the (in artistic terms) most
"long-living" artist/composer certainly is the one who has both the readiness and the
capacity to adopt and to adapt to what is more current in his sphere of activity
(like, for instance, Picasso) -- without any judgement, though.
Alexandra Hettergott.

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