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Subject: Int'nl Sound arts Festival (fwd)
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 00:07:01 EDT

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From: IN%"" "Manuel Rocha Itrubide" 4-JUL-1999
Subj: Ruido...first international sound art festival

                Ruido...1er Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro

The Ex-Teresa Arte Actual Museum organizes Ruido..., the first
international sound art festival in Mexico city, that will be held from
July 22 through August 1st 1999. The aim of this event is to gather the
different contemporary arts involved with sound representation, such as
electroacustic music, live electronics, sound sculpture, sound
installation, intermedia, video art, performance, sound poetry, etc. =

Organization: Ex-Teresa Arte Actual Museum
Director: Guillermo Santamarina
Curator: Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Curator assistant: Luis Felipe Ortega
Coordinator: Begona Inchaurrandieta

Other venues: Centro de la Imagen Museum, Sloan Racotta
                                Centro Nacional de las Artes.

Information: Tel (52) 55 22 90 93, (52) 56 22 90 93
Fax (52) 56 22 27 21

All entrances for concerts are free, except for The Jazz&Space Electronic
Consort and for Audiotropico.


Thursday 22 of July 19:00, Inauguration of the sound-art exhibition at the
Centro de la Image= n museum.


-Francis Alys (Belgium-Mexico)

-Philippe Hernandez (France-Mexico)

-Fernando Ortega (Mexico)

-Alexis Ruiz/Fernando Ortega (Mexico)

-Xavier Rodriguez, Hector Bialostoski (Mexico), Guillom Blanchard, Reno
Courvoisier, Yann Golum, Julien Ho Kim (France).


20:00 - Intermedia work by Alejandra Hernandez (Mexico).

20:30 - Computer interactive installation by Carl Stone (USA).

Friday 23 of july

18:00 - Conference by Paul Panhuysen (Holland).

Ex Teresa Arte Actual =

20:30 - Electroacustic music with instruments and live electronics. Works
by Roberto Morales, Salvador Rodriguez, Antonio Russek (Mexico) and Alvin
Curran (USA).

Centro Nacional de las Artes =


Saturday 24 of july

20:00, Inauguration of the sound-art exhibit at the Ex-Teresa Arte Actual


-Paul Panhuysen (Holland)

-Miguel Calderon (Mexico)

-Guillermo Galindo (Mexico)

-Gabriel Orozco (Mexico-USA)

-Vicente Rojo/Antonio Russek (Mexico)


18:00 - Conference: Music outside the Concert Halls by Alvin Curran (USA).

19:00 - Performance by Paul Panhuyssen (Holland)

20:00 - Porno Stereo (Mexico)

21:00 Audiotropico. A Free Style Composers Unit (USA).

Sunday 25 of July

13:00 - Spanish electroacustic music for tape.

Adolfo Nunez, David Alarcon, Ricardo Climent, Miguel Molina, Rafael Diaz,=

Consuelo Diez, Gregorio Jimenez.

Composers selected by Gregorio Jimenez (Spain).

17:00 - CD Rom proyection. "Luna Grande" by Joaquin Medina (Spain).

18:00 - Italian electroacustic music for tape
Agostino Di Scipio, Eugenio Gordani, Michelangelo Lupone, Francesco
Scagiola, Roberto Doati, =

Composers selected by the Italian Association for Musical Informatics.

Centro de la Imagen

Monday 26 of July

17:00 -Workshop by Paul Panhuysen.

Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Tuesday 27 of july =

17:00 - Workshop by Paul Panhuysen.

Ex Teresa Arte Actual

20:00 - International electroacustic music for tape.
Eric La Casa (France), David Rosenboom (USA), Mauricio Bejarano
(Colombia), Andreas Mnestris (Greece), Elsa Justel (Argentine), Alistair
Ridell (Australia).

Composers selected by Manuel Rocha Iturbide

Centro de la Imagen

Wednesday 28 of July

20:00, Inauguration of the sound-art exhibition at the galery Solan


-Antonio Fernandez Ros (Mexico).

-Rilo Chmielorz (Germany).. =

-Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico).

-Guillermo Davalos (Mexico).


Performance by Rilo Chmielorz.

Thursday 29 of July

20:00 - Brasilean electroacustic music for tape =

Jorge Antunes, Flo Menezes, Rodolfo Coelho de Souza, Fernando Iazetta,
Edson S. Zampronha, Denise Garcia.

Composers selected by Jorge Antunes

Centro de la Imagen

Friday 30 of july =

20:00 - "Pedro Paramo", allmost a radiophonic opera. "Doloritas", first
part. Music and script by Julio Estrada. In colaboration with "taller de
creacion musical de la ENM-UNAM" (Mexico).

Centro de la Imagen =

21:00 - The Jazz&Space Electronic Consort, Andrea Parkins (USA)

Direct from the Knitting Factory in Nueva York

Ex Teresa Arte Actual

Entrance: $10.00 dollars

Saturday 31 of July =

20:00 - Mexican electroacustic music for percussion and tape, and
latinamerican tape solo music.

Javier Alvarez (Mexico)
Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico)
Antonio Fernandez Ros (Mexico)
Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico)
Mario Marcelo Mary (Argentine)
Teodoro Cromberg (Argentine) =

Percussion: Ricardo Gallardo (Mexico).

Centro de la Imagen

Sunday 1 of August

18:00, =

-Free Improv. Diego Maroto (Mexico).

-Live Electronics. Vicente Rojo (Mexico).

-Intestino Grueso (Mexico).

-DJ Gabriel Kuri (Mexico).

Ex Teresa Arte Actual =

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