Re: phantom radio!

Subject: Re: phantom radio!
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 14:36:03 EDT

Have you checked if some thing else is not grounded besides the reel to reel?
Some times another ungrounded source may cause other machines on the same
electrical line in the room or even the house/building to do such things.


At 8:50 PM 7/3/99, Larry Austin wrote:
>Dear friends:
>I have a problem, which I hope/trust one or more
>of you can help me with.
>1. I am receiving a Mexican radio broadcast via
>my reel-to-reel TEAC 3340-S tape recorder whenever
>I turn it on simply to play back a tape.
>2. The radio signal is very low amplitude and can only
>be heard with the gain on the pre-amps turned up or
>the mixer it is connected to for monitoring. BUT it
>is enough to ruin any transfer I want/need to make
>from reel-to-reel archive material to my computer
>and thence to soundfile and thence to a cd archive, etc.
>3. I have tried everything I know to do in my experience:
>shielded jumper cables; changing the power source; moving
>the tape machine; etc.
>Any suggestions for fixes to get rid of this radio signal
>are most welcome.
>Thanks much.
>Larry Austin

Neil Wiernik

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