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Below are listed some new publications and collaborations which include music by myself, David Toop, Nilan Perera, Bill Laswell, Paul Schütze, John Oswald and others. (details on all at bottom):

thanks much for your attention.

Sarah Peebles
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  * "White Powder/The Spiders"
a music & spoken word collaboration by Sarah Peebles and David Toop, for electroacoustics, shô and spoken word
Appearing on "Hot Pants Idol" CD (Barooni Records)

  * "Cinnamon Sphere" CD / painting set (limited edition)
  * Cinnamon Sphere videos: "Kaladar Kodex", "Slow Life" and "CS with Jin Hi Kim"
featuring Sarah Peebles & Nilan Perera - music Chung Gong Ha - calligraphy

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New Book & CD by David Toop, with guest artists

"Exotica: fabricated soundscapes in a real world" David Toop, Serpent's Tail press

"Hot Pants Idol" Barooni Records (BAR 020)
David Toop reads excerpts from "Exotica" to music by various artists
     Barooni, PO Box 12012, 3501 AA Utrecht, The Netherlands
     Tel +31 30 2521547 Fax +31 30 2510993 email <>

"Hot Pants Idol" is an album of readings from my new book, "Exotica: fabricated soundscapes in a real world". I read the texts myself, over music specially composed by Bill Laswell, Paul Schütze,
Jon Hassell with Spirit World, Sarah Peebles, Russell Mills/Undark, Daniel Pemberton, Scanner,
John Oswald, Witchman, Tom Recchion, Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand, Talvin Singh,
Rhys Chatham and Slipper.

Music is a kind of exotic dreamscape, a glimpse of another life. That's how I always saw it. I never listened much to the words of songs until the cadences of hip-hop speech bridged the gap between word sound, spoken text and music sound. I write and I make music. Speaking my own words over music, I feel another kind of dreamscape come into focus.

To read texts from Exotica, my new book, I wanted music that was as diverse as the stories.
The book "plays fast and loose with all notions of 'fabrication' and 'reality'" (The Wire). I wanted music that captured many different states of mind and body, that evoked apocalypse, sex and death, romanticism, speed, the texture of moss and the movement of animals, strange exotic environments, ghostly disappearances, fabricated life and drive-in cinemas. For this reason, I asked friends and former collaborators to send me new tracks, based on the stories. I'm biased, but I genuinely believe that the tracks they have contributed are a template of everything that is exciting and creative in current music.
David Toop
30 April 1999

Born near London in 1949, David Toop is a musician, composer, author, journalist and music curator. "Hot Pants Idol" is his fifth solo album. His previous recordings include "New & Rediscovered Musical Instruments" (with Max Eastley), released on Brian Eno's Obscure label in 1975; "Buried Dreams" (with Max Eastley), released on Beyond in 1994; "Screen Ceremonies", released on Wire Editions, 1995; "Pink Noir", released on Virgin, 1996; "Spirit World", released on Virgin, 1997; "Museum Of Fruit", released on Caipirinha, 1999.

He has published three books: "Rap Attack" (first published 1984, now in its third edition); "Ocean Of Sound" (published 1995); "Exotica: fabricated soundscapes in a real world" (published May, 1999, Serpent's Tail). In 1998 he composed the soundtrack for Acqua Matrix, the outdoor spectacular that closed every night of Lisbon Expo '98. He has recorded Yanomami shamanistic ceremonies in Amazonas, performed theatre music with Steven Berkoff, collaborated with Japanese Butoh dance innovator Mitsutaka Ishii and recorded with musicians such as Brian Eno, John Zorn, Prince Far I, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Flying Lizards, Toshinori Kondo and Ivor Cutler.

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Cinnamon Sphere CD and Videos (new pamphlet also available)
available via direct order from

* "Cinnamon Sphere" CD with painting, includes the music,
     "Where the Sea Meets the Land" (1997, 50:00) and
     "Kaladar Kodex" video soundtrack (1999, 10:00)

* "Kaladar Kodex" (1999, 10:00) video
* "Cinnamon Sphere with Jin Hi Kim" (1998, 36:00) video
* "Slow Life" (1998, 5:00) video

Cinnamon Sphere - Korean-influenced calligraphy performance and soundscape:
   Cinematic, Ritual Performance for the Eyes and Ears
        Chung Gong Ha, brush art performance
        Nilan Perera, prepared electric guitar, effects
        Sarah Peebles, computer-assisted performance, shoh (Japanese mouth-organ)

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S A R A H P E E B L E S *

 S t u d i o * E x c e l o
time-based art with a creamy filling
 C i n n a m o n S p h e r e
Cinematic, Ritual Performance for the Eyes and Ears
(Chung Gong Ha, Nilan Perera, Sarah Peebles)

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