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gabbling on about Re: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music) KEVIN was heard to mutter...
> It might be that one would note the kinds of publications that are of
> central interest.
> "And in the blue corner, weighing in at 238 kg is the team of: The
> Computer Music Journal and The Computer Music Tutorial.
> In the red corner, leaner and meaner, is the team of: [Could someone
> suggest for the old fuddy-duddies here, a suitable completion of this
> phrase?]"

I would have gone with the Wire as well with Halana getting a mention in
dispatches and the sadly departed Immerse mentioned in passing...>
> >And this is exactly my point.. these composers are independent in the
> >sense that as they have the technology 'at home' they are free to
> >incorporate into their music whatever they like and they are not bound
> >any more than they want to be by stylistic considerations or
> >considerations of lineage or tradition. The technology makes this
> >possible to degrees unheard of before.
> Sorry, I've lost the reference for the "this" in your last line ... the
> 'independence', 'freedom of incorporation', 'not bound by stylistic
> considerations , 'considerations of lineage', 'tradition', or all of
> these?

insert 'all' in front of 'this'
> Is anyone free from these considerations? or are they just a different set
> of considerations?

no I guess not... it just seems to me that the tech developements since
midi and digitalisation and especially the Atari and subsequent home
computer developements have dissolved genre and compositional
style/method distinctions that held in a practical sense far more solidly in
the years before those developements I mentiond.
> >This is elitist, laughable and impossible. The technology that exists
> today ,makes it so.
> Hmmmmm .... if one were to apply the analogy to text, one could note that
> competitions for 'novels' employ the same technology as that for
> commercial advertising. Does this make a competition for novels 'elitist',
> laughable and impossible?

well it might if writers of fiction who entered the competitions considered themselves to be producers of a
qualitatively superior version of the same form than copywriters and visual designers... but I'd guess that they
figure they're doing something categorically different both in terms of
process and product.

I really feel these distinctions are far more difficult to establish where
music made using the computer as an instrument/recording device is
concerned...clumsily put, I know....

> >get into it!!!!
> Any particular 'it', or just some vague fuzzy form of 'it'ness?

vague and fuzzy might be a good least then the possibilities are somewhat open and definition can come with
experience.. I dunno, the technologies of both music making and
communication seem to offer such vistas of creative combination and
collaboration for people to explore I just think its a shame that our
conceptual baggage... popular/commercial etc etc... might get in tha way
of experience.

> Now just which cheek did my tongue end up in???? Can't find it 'til I take
> out at least one foot!

hope you changed yer sox!!!


"Love is not love that alters when it alteration finds"
Wild Bill Shakespeare.

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