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Subject: Re: Prix XX
From: JL Anderson (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 02:19:24 EDT


On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, CC wrote:

> Wouldn't it be nice if "academic music" (so often quoted that I start to
> believe in its existence) was not a genre in its own but just a qualitative

I believe i made the pointless point earlier that "academic music" seems
to be a label applied to those way uncool (and pious, i might
add) practitioners who dont do what is hip in the studio or elsewhere
for that matter.

Im afraid many of us reading these words make "academic music" - and its
unfortunate that we have no say so in this matter.

Luckily, some of us (or is that the music we make????) are able to transcend
the notion and achieve a state of ostentatious bliss.

As for myself, my haircut will always be way too uncool and my boxers too
pious for this sticky label to be removed from my own dabblings. Alas, i
suppose im resigned to this.

There may be hope for you, though, as i recall you have a way cool
bomber's jacket.

with regrets,

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