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Subject: Re: Prix XX
From: CC (
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 01:02:59 EDT

I just caught a glimpse of this discussion and it makes me wonder.
Besides all the fighting for territorial recognition, there is this little
thing that bugs me, a question of terminology.
Wouldn't it be nice if "academic music" (so often quoted that I start to
believe in its existence) was not a genre in its own but just a qualitative
(or maybe quantitative as one can see) part of any genre.
Actually, if you look around, there's chances that you will find as much
"academic" in techno, in rock'n roll, in jazz name it, as there is
academic in what is so (often) called here "academic music".
And what is this "academic music"? Ask composers. Do they really make
academic stuff? And do they really call what they do that way?
Why not use clear names, instead of generic unthinkables. And put them down
in music or whatever!

With due respect and etc
Christian Calon

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