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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music) 2 centimes...
Date: Sun Jul 04 1999 - 00:05:39 EDT

>gabbling on about Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music) Barry was
>heard to mutter...

>> Last spring....regarding the Prix Ars Electronica,you advised Larry
>> Austin who posed the question that his >> work, and by implication this
type of computer music, would be "welcome". >> The results of this year's
jury emphatically show that this was not true.

>well perhaps not so.. just that the prizes didnt go to 'that' kind of music.

It might be that one would note the kinds of publications that are of
central interest.

"And in the blue corner, weighing in at 238 kg is the team of: The
Computer Music Journal and The Computer Music Tutorial.

In the red corner, leaner and meaner, is the team of: [Could someone
suggest for the old fuddy-duddies here, a suitable completion of this

>And this is exactly my point.. these composers are independent in the
>sense that as they have the technology 'at home' they are free to
>incorporate into their music whatever they like and they are not bound any
>more than they want to be by stylistic considerations or considerations of
>lineage or tradition. The technology makes this possible to degrees
>unheard of before.

Sorry, I've lost the reference for the "this" in your last line ... the
'independence', 'freedom of incorporation', 'not bound by stylistic
considerations , 'considerations of lineage', 'tradition', or all of these?

Is anyone free from these considerations? or are they just a different
set of considerations?

It is (one of) my understanding(s) that this is at the core of Larry's
original concerns.

[Long snip]

>This is elitist, laughable and impossible. The technology that exists
today ,makes it so.

Hmmmmm .... if one were to apply the analogy to text, one could note that
competitions for 'novels' employ the same technology as that for
commercial advertising. Does this make a competition for novels 'elitist',
laughable and impossible?

(This opens to another thread, more of which later, related to the
lineage of "some" computer musics coming from the european 'orchestral'
tradition, rather than the chamber music, song, religious, .... or social
entertainment traditions. While there will be wild [wide?] overlap, Sousa
marches and Tin-Pan Alley have more in common, than Sousa marches and
late 19th century (german) opera. ... but this is for another night or
two no doubt.)

>> In any case, you should be aware that because of this year's results,
>> if no further change is made, I personally, and probably most of my
>> colleagues in the computer music field, will no longer consider
>> participating in your otherwise worthwhile and prestigious competition.
>Thus rendering it even less worthwhile and prestigious....

Hmmm ... and there is a perception among a younger generation of
composers that there is an elite within an elite, and they are trying to
protect their eroding (??) position of power, in the 'computer music
field', and also at CIME (Bourges). See Martin Fumorla's recent
postings, and the postings from last year where it is clear that there
are 'individuals' in CIME who have the same voting rights as entire
national communities.

Is this equitable? Medieval seignorial rights? Ask the women who are
founding members of CIME.

Had I been lucky enough to have got in on the ground floor of CIME, I am
sure that I would express an elitist (and sub rosa sexist aromatic)
attitude towards this whole mess, and I too would not just threaten to
possibly withdraw, I'd likely throw down the glove and challenge them to
two hours of break-dancing at dawn ...

>get into it!!!!

Any particular 'it', or just some vague fuzzy form of 'it'ness?

Also with respect ...



Now just which cheek did my tongue end up in???? Can't find it 'til I
take out at least one foot!

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