Re: phantom radio!

Subject: Re: phantom radio!
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Sat Jul 03 1999 - 22:08:13 EDT

At 20 50 07 03 1999 -0500, Larry Austin wrote:
>my reel-to-reel TEAC 3340-S tape recorder

These are old machines, and TEAC's soldering was never top notch. I've
repaired many a TEAC cold solder joint. From what you've said, you've done
all the basic work with pluggable items without success, so...

If you're an old hand with a soldering iron, I'd suggest first
resoldering/replacing the shielded cables off the playback head. If that
doesn't help, resolder every suspicious-looking component joint (sigh) on
the preamp board responsible for the low-level signal. If that still
doesn't work, see if you can capacitively load down (very lightly - a
finger will do) the semiconductors in the preamp circuit until you find one
that might be rectifying the RF, then replace it.

Shucking radio signals is really a problem in old equipment.


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