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Subject: Re: [Prix Ars Electronic 99 (Computer Music)]
From: Martín (
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 08:54:10 EDT

I completely agree with Barry's statements but
since he is close to the Bourges people, I would
like to say something very similar regarding the
Bourges ElectroAcoustic Music Competition and the
censorship and proscription that certain composers
(most evidently Argentina-residents) suffer due
to the presence of Francisco Kropfl (and Luis Maria
Serra) in the jury practically all years.

Barry Truax <> wrote:

>but it is clear from this discussion that the Prix
>A-E has lost credibility with those working in
>artistic/non-commercial forms of computer music
>because of the controversial and obviously biased
>results of this year's jury. It is even rumoured
>that the jury chose or nominated works by colleagues
>with whom they had previously worked.

what about the credibility of the Bourges music
competition regarding composers of certain countries,
who have been continuosly prevented of wining any

are not the results of the Bourges music competition
also obviously biased and controversial concerning
the participation of Argentina-resident composers?

what about the rumours (and the certainty) that Mr.
Francisco Kropfl always favour the pieces of his
"colleagues with whom he had previously worked"
(this would be a P.C. manner of naming his lackeys)?

>In any case, you should be aware that because of
>this year's results, if no further change is made,
>I personally, and probably most of my colleagues
>in the computer music field, will no longer consider
>participating in your otherwise worthwhile and
>prestigious competition.
> Barry Truax

did you know that because of the aforementioned
shameful tendency, several very prestigious
Argentina-resident composers like Ricardo Dal Farra
and Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi have decided not to
participate anymore in the Bourges music competition?

Who can help us? to whom can we address a complaint
letter? will it change anything?

Martin Fumarola

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