Re: the electronic arts prize

Subject: Re: the electronic arts prize
From: James Paul Sain (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 15:21:04 EDT

Larry Austin said in regards to the Priz Ars Electonica:

>Quoting myself a bit, " remains that _art_ is the ultimate
>end, striving to create works that are elegant in conception and
>thorough in realization, original to the best of the composer's
>ability. The artwork, then, aspires beyond the common
>practice. Ideally, truly fine art is an uncommon practice,
>separate from the common, unique in experience and valuable
>to our culture. Thus, art is the end--consummate craft, contol,
>the means."

Damn Larry! Right on the money...thanks for putting it so well.

Jim Sain

(pretty soon McDonald's will be high cuisine)

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