Re: PAE, music etc

Subject: Re: PAE, music etc
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 15:14:06 EDT

Alexandra Hettergott wrote:

> Did you ever, within the context of your statement, consider the idea of a favorable
> attention interval ?

In the Prix guidelines for submission of digital music, we
were advised/asked to submit excerpted segments of our
piece equal up to no more than 3 minutes...first on the cd
or DAT...then a recording of the entire my own
case, 12 minutes.

So...the judges' task was to review us for the first (?) cut
in sound bite portions...probably about the attention span
limit for them. I suppose that with their claim of over
9,000 submissions in all categories that it must have
been well nigh impossible really to review seriously
the music submitted by the 3 or 4 thousand digital


Larry Austin

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