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Subject: Re: PAE, music etc
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 14:55:21 EDT

Did you ever, within the context of your statement, consider the idea of a favorable
attention interval ? Which certainly is to be short and hence more in the direction
of any easy-to-grasp commercial rather than favoring any long-term "getting involved"
in a piece of music (not to mention any mediative aspect); however, the idea that our
(not only) listening expectancy did change within the last decades of (increasing)
multi-stimulus exposition is neither so out-of-the-way, nor something so entirely
detestable... Being there already: commercials, by the way, are a good example where
an increase of the level can be seen throughout the years (even though they are
intended for a mass public...). The being short-term, on the other hand, might be
reciprocally opposed to a being overly redundant...: the fleeting, not the
superficial moment, condensation and folding up, not the dilution of sonic
-- Well, all this is not (at all) to say something against +one-hour compositions,
just as a further moment of reflection.
Alexandra Hettergott.

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