the electronic arts prize

Subject: the electronic arts prize
From: Larry Austin (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 10:22:25 EDT

Friends and artists:

Ever since "Toy Story" was awarded the computer
animation prize in the Priz Ars Electronica a few
years ago, I have wondered when and if the "computer
music" category--now "digital musics"--would
become commercialized as well. It has now happened.
The industrial and state sponsors of the competition
have had their way (read "money") clearly because they
think (and pay big money) in terms of the "product" and
its saleability to the mass culture.

Quoting myself a bit, " remains that _art_ is the ultimate
end, striving to create works that are elegant in conception and
thorough in realization, original to the best of the composer's
ability. The artwork, then, aspires beyond the common
practice. Ideally, truly fine art is an uncommon practice,
separate from the common, unique in experience and valuable
to our culture. Thus, art is the end--consummate craft, contol,
the means."

Larry Austin

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