CDR HELP !!!!!

Subject: CDR HELP !!!!!
From: dave solursh (
Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 13:07:58 EDT

HAY FOLKS: I'm having nightmares trying to prepare a Quick time movie on a
CDR from my Mac to be accessed by a windows operating computer. Here are my
troubles, if you can help I will be forever indebt, (well you just can't
have my first born)

-After exporting my movie in QT 4, I am finding that my neibours PC can't
decompress the file, which was compressed as video(they do get the sound
though). This was before I Flattened it. But I think QT Flattens
automaticaly?. Should I use a different compression other than "VIDEO"?
what is the standard for PC?

_When I burn a CDR with Toast Audio, Do I use ISO Format? Are there any
particular settings that I should keep in mind, that will let most window
95/98 computers read my CDR's. Should I burn a Session or the whole CD?

-Any other helpfull hints (other than my rushed miss spelled words) would
be MASSIVLY apreciated!!!!

gota get back to work, short lunch. Thankx a bunch!!!!!


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