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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics Crock Of Shit
From: JL Anderson (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 00:33:09 EDT

I'm a bit unsure as to why shit and crocks are still associated to this
day. I have never had the opportunity to shit in a crock, nor have
experienced it so contained. . . .

> >EA with beats is the recluse of the scoundral not able to succesfully make
> >it in the world of free market rock and roll so he slaps an academic label
> >on his ass in order to hype himself as a self-percieved genious at work.

As many af you may know, i do think of myself as a genious, even if it
doesnt manifest itself in my demonstration of spelling skills. This is
a part of my way forward. I suspect for others this is true as well. As
for the academic label - i would go on to suspect that this is usually
adhered by others, as liberal was placed on the democrats.

> Is this an operational definition of EA? Why would you consider it gender
> specific?

Kevin, of course many have - jury statements from ars, anyway. But one
has a difficult time convincing me that other forms of recorded and
performed musics are not predominantly boys clubs.

> >Voivod and Metalica uses a primitive band pass filter and phasing unit known
> >as the flange pedal. They are EA.
> Is it primitive because it is a rock phase/flanger???????
> If it uses electricity for the conception, production, distribution,
> perception or cognition of sound, it's (IMV) EA. If it's EA drivel, it's
> EAd, and if it's dull EA drivel ....

I tend to agree with this too - EA or electronic music or computer music
are as useless as the notion of piano music. These words dont tell me
very much. I identify my own musings with the notion of recorded music,
though i would prefer not to include the word music, as many of us
presumably love music.

> >The rest of the underground just moves on without the white man.
> Cool model of reality! Hip.
> Once again, thanx Dac <<<<<<*-()>>>>>>>o)>>>>>>
> Best
> Your technological ludite
> Kevin

This additional account from a red man - usually a very white one -
but i spent a bit too much time in the sun this week.


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