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Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 19:44:26 EDT

> --- Stephen Rieck <>
> wrote:
> The only good reason to talk about music at all,
> is
> education; so
> please, I would appreciate a comprehensive,
> precise
> and accurate
> definition of the words "electroacoustic",
> "techno",
> or even "music"?
> Might it demonstrate that I have attained some
> desired level of wisdom
> from this thread, if I consider these words,
> subsequently unsubcribe,
> keep my ears open, brain on, and mouth shut? Of
> course not, but what
> afterall, does all this come to? I would and could
> (and probably should)
> greatly appreciate it, if someone articulated a
> conclusion, an outcome,
> a result for me that is useful in my work.

steve, here are some questions in answer to your questions from John
Cage's book "Silence"...

Nichi nichi kore ko nichi: every day is a beautiful day
What if I ask thirty -two questions?
What if I stop asking now and then?
Will that make things clear?
Is communication something made clear?
What is communication?
Music, what does it communicate?
Is whatís clear to me clear to you?
Is music just sounds?
Then what does it communicate?
Is a truck passing by music?
If I can see it, do I have to hear it too?
If I donít hear it, does it still communicate?
If while I see it I canít hear it, but hear something else, say an
egg-beater, because Iím
        inside looking out, does the truck communicate or the egg-beater,
Which is more musical, a truck passing by a factory or a truck passing
by a music
Are the people inside the school musical and the ones outside
What if the ones inside canít hear very well, would that change my
Do you know what I mean when I say inside the school?
Are sounds just sounds or are they Beethoven?
People arenít sounds, are they?
Is there such a thing as silence?
Even if I get away from people, do I still have to listen to something?
Say Iím off in the woods, do I have to listen to a stream babbling?
Is there always something to hear, never any peace and quiet?
If my head is full of harmony, melody and rhythm, what happens to me
when the
        telephone rings, to my piece and quiet I mean?
And if it was European harmony, melody, and rhythm in my head, what has
        to the history of, say, Javanese music with respect, that is to say,
to my head?
Are we getting anywhere asking questions?
Where are we going?
Is this the twenty-eighth question?
Are there any important questions?
ďHow do you need to cautiously proceed in dualistic terms?Ē
Do I have two more questions?
And now, do I have none?


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