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>And what about the Futurists and their wax cyclinders? Now there was a format.

Could you possibly point me in the direction of any documentation of this?
I would be very interested to learn more about these activities.

>As a veteran of "the" industrial group, the heritage of Peter
>Christopherson must be impossible for Coil to live down!

That was my point.

>I sympathise. The current debate reminds me of the sort of thing that used
>to crop up on Usenet (and probably still does). Are Nine Inch Nails
>industrial? The people need to know. :-/ Having said that, I must say I
>have found this debate very informative.

I think pretty simply, they re-defined what the term meant. Before then
most of the music buying and listening public was pretty ignorant of the
term or category of industrial, therefore when Ministry and then Nine Inch
Nails started to come out of this scene and also gain popularity, they
defined this term for many people, despite the fact that in essence they
weren't really what this term started off meaning. I think you will find
this in many styles though. Look at rock'n'roll of the 50's and what it
connotates now.

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