Subject: "electroacoustic"...
From: Kevin Busby (busbykg@novell2.bham.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 09:01:01 EDT


>If it uses electricity for the conception, production, distribution,
>perception or cognition of sound, it's (IMV) EA.

When I first heard the word "electroacoustic", I naively assumed it had a
more restrictive sense than the much abused phrase "electronic music";
category labels will always mean differnt things to different people.

>It seems to me that a central aspect of "academic" / "art" / "cool" ea is
>the crystalization and fracturing of time: a drum track tends to add
>another (de-)limiting aspect to this, possibly? (The Beatles played with
>this aspect of time in parts of "A Day in a Life". Joyce played with this
>aspect of time, continuously (sic), in "A Life in a Day".) <<8-!!>>

And then there's the venerable tape-cut-up piece by The Residents, 'Beyond
the Valley of a Day in a Life'!

matt kober wrote:

>john cage also was one of the first to use turntables, and he, as far
>as I know used other recordings in new and unique contexts

And what about the Futurists and their wax cyclinders? Now there was a format.

Anomalous Records wrote:

>By the way, Coil seem to get lumped into the industrial area, although Jhon
>Balance seems to relate to the 'intelligent dance music' crowd.

As a veteran of "the" industrial group, the heritage of Peter
Christopherson must be impossible for Coil to live down!

Stephen Rieck wrote:
> wouldn't it be more useful (and possibly more precise) to
>forget categories of all sorts, and directly address the work and the
>individual responsible for it, then to associate reference points within
>the context of that life?

I sympathise. The current debate reminds me of the sort of thing that used
to crop up on Usenet (and probably still does). Are Nine Inch Nails
industrial? The people need to know. :-/ Having said that, I must say I
have found this debate very informative.

Kevin B

>Hi Kevin...are you there....I just want to ask you something...

I've replied by private email... The "Reply-To: cecdiscuss@concordia.ca"
booby trap claims another victim! :-(

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