words and music (PAD)

Subject: words and music (PAD)
From: Stephen Rieck (stephen.rieck1@sympatico.ca)
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 07:20:50 EDT

Hello. for me categories are bewildering due to their inherant lack of
specificity (they always cut a wide swath), so this discussion of
EA/techno strikes me as being as much about words as about the sounds
referred to. wouldn't it be more useful (and possibly more precise) to
forget categories of all sorts, and directly address the work and the
individual responsible for it, then to associate reference points within
the context of that life? seems to me that each person has a unique
blend of knowledge, skills, tastes, and tools that probably results in
an awkward fit within any pigeon hole.
as for music contests, abolish them all, and take on the more difficult
task of lending support in the best way possible to those of greatest
need. the consensus of any appointed camarilla doesn't necessarily have
any relevance to anybody, and imho tends to draw young, struggling sound
workers into situations with strong political agendas. life is difficult
and political enough without having to submit to the whims of groups who
dole out support conditional on their collective pleasure.
thanks for considering this.
- Stephen Rieck <stephen.rieck1@sympatico.ca>

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