Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results

Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 08:04:51 EDT

Matt mused

>john cage also was one of the first to use turntables, and he, as far
>as I know used other recordings in new and unique contexts
>26'1.1499" for a string player (1953-55)
>par example...

Hindemith had played with this too, as had members of the Bauhaus. As I
recall, Cage's Imaginary Landscapes No 1 used RCA Victor "Test Records"
(which I would image contained tones and noises).

If the consideration is one of collage, and the use / re-use of existing
materials, then the pioneer would appear to be Charles Ives. His work
paralleled "collage" in the visual arts, following and around cubism.



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