Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results

Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 07:55:24 EDT

Eric cited:

>At 7:23 AM -0700 6/23/99, matt kober wrote:
>>Pierre schaeffer would be proud...he
>>was one of the first experimental turntablists, after all.

>>I think Africa bambaataa started the first "you dropped your ea in my
>>hip-hop" when he began mixing German electronic music in with his

and wrote...

>I've seen this mentioned often and I think it's a stretch. While Schaeffer
>used turntables, he was not playing other peoples records as Bambaataa and
>everyone since, but using discs he cut himself, wasn't he?

>I mean it apples and oranges if you compare collaging your own material and
>appropriating other's works, isn't it?

It could be that there is some confusion about the means and the ends.
>From my readings, Schaeffer was not collaging materials from discs; discs
were the medium that supported the sounds that he had selected and
pre-arranged. Somewhere I have seen a score to the Etude au chemin de
fer, and it's organization is somewhat serial (as I recall).

The debate is somewhat parallel to that surrounding the disco (dance)
version of the Beethoven Fifth. An essential aspect of Beethoven is the
maleability of preceived and psychological time.

It seems to me that a central aspect of "academic" / "art" / "cool" ea is
the crystalization and fracturing of time: a drum track tends to add
another (de-)limiting aspect to this, possibly? (The Beatles played with
this aspect of time in parts of "A Day in a Life". Joyce played with this
aspect of time, continuously (sic), in "A Life in a Day".) <<8-!!>>



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