Fw: re techno bashing

Subject: Fw: re techno bashing
From: Ross Bencina (rossb@audiomulch.com)
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 11:27:01 EDT

Hi all,

I just came accross this on the csound list, I thought it was a nice
evocation of the principles of stroboscopic techno...

Andrew Lyons <andrew__lyons@hotmail.com> recently commented:

In trying to understand techno, people make the mistake of evaluating
it using the one dimensional musical comprehension of other traditions. They
fail to see beyond the complexity or lack thereof in the beat. The best way
to understand techno is to think of it as being like a sonic version of a
visual stereogram.

When you first look at it, its just a whole lot of repeating colours.
Not much to it really, but if you look long enough, or know how to look, and
the composer knows what they are doing, you see straight through into a new

Plus its good for 140bpm double time dancing if you like that kind of thing.


Andrew Lyons
Composition Unit
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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