Dan Lander on vinyl

Subject: Dan Lander on vinyl
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Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 17:11:06 EDT

I figure this release (from Germany) might be of interest to the listŠ

Dan Lander - Habitations
hrönir 02
10" only
lim. edition of 300

        The Canadian radio artist Dan Lander talks to us in a strange but
still understandable logic. Both the plots of his motivated collages -
which leave us with the feeling of being part of a workshop because of
their obvious autoreflexivity - and the chosen speed of the fragments -
which often appear to be put together through a senseless but never
unrecognizable structure - they both expose Mr Lander's subtle working
techniques with his environment, especially with the people around him.
Unlike many of the contemporary sound artists, Dan Lander focuses on a
region that is too often avoided: the recycling of the human voice. And
even here the expected, ironic handling of an recognizable situation does
not take place. It is rather the closeness and the familiarity among humans
which fascinate the artist. At the same time, he does not forget the
limitations of his media. Consequently, our listening pleasure is solely
carried by cold and flat characters.
        "The Road Belongs to Everyone" is a true B-Side. Dan Lander leaves
the above mentioned path and proves that the road can indeed be traveled by
everyone - if media comes in between.

        Dan Lander took part in numerous radio broadcasts, exhibitions,
screenings and performances in North America, Europe and New Zealand. He is
the co-editor of Radio Rethink: Art Sound and Transmission (Walter Phillips
Gallery, Banff, 1994) and Sound by Artists (Toronto/Banff: Art Metropole
and the Walter Phillips Gallery, 1990). Furthermore he was the guest-editor
of Musicworks 53. "Radiophonic and Other -Phonies" (Muiscworks, Toronto,
July, 1992) and was a jury member at the 4th World Conference of Community
Radio Broadcasters in Dublin in 1990.
        Since 1993, Dan Lander has been employed by the Ontario Arts
Council in Toronto where he currently works as Media Arts Officer.

Eric Lanzillotta

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