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Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 13:56:37 EDT

At 7:46 AM -0400 6/23/99, Neil Wiernik wrote:
>Ok so if I get this starit your calling for a change in catagories of music.
>That is fine but firstly I would like to say the Elelctronic Dance Music is
>no more commercial then Electroacoustic is. If you are refering to the TOP
>versions of whats refered to as techno like Chemical Brothers,

I feel that as some dealing in the commercial end of things to point out
that even 'underground' like Noto, Pita, and their ilk certainly have more
commercial potential than Normandeau, Copeland, etc. Even totally
underground techno artists can come out of nowhere and sell through 1000
copies of a record or CD in a relatively short amount of time, as there is
still a relatively large underground following for this stuff.
Electroacoustic music on the other hand has very few outlets here,
seemingly myself, Forced Exposure, EMF and RRRecords in the states here.
And FE and RRR only deal with 'big' labels like Diffusion and Metamkine.
And who sells a lot in electroacoustic? Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry,
Francois Bayle, Luc Ferrari, not exactly the young upstarts. So, while
underground techno and dance music may be a far cry from Chemical Brothers
and top 40, you do stand a larger chance of making your investment back in
a reasonable amount of time that if you put out an electroacoustic CD. Not
that every dance music release stand to do good and sell, but you have an
easier market to tap into.

By the way, Coil seem to get lumped into the industrial area, although Jhon
Balance seems to relate to the 'intelligent dance music' crowd.

Eric Lanzillotta

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