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Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 10:23:46 EDT

--- Lawrence Casserley <> wrote:

> My point is just the opposite - techno in its
> "purest" (!) form has come
> from a completely different direction culturally,
> aesthetically and
> technically. But there are many musicians and
> listeners who have come
> from techno and related genres to look at other,
> more challenging musics
> as a way of expanding their horizons. It is this
> "closing of the gap"
> phenomenon that I welcome.


 check this out.

aphex twin does not = electronic dance music
C + C music factory = electronic dance music

aphex twin = ea
proof? many great examples are there for any who care to listen, but
the best example, I think, is the track "Alberto Balsam" from the album
"I care because you do".
a beautifully dreamy piece comprised mostly of sampled banging of
radiators... musique concrete? Pierre schaeffer would be proud...he
was one of the first experimental turntablists, after all.

I think Africa bambaataa started the first "you dropped your ea in my
hip-hop" when he began mixing German electronic music in with his
breakbeats... eventually we had that Detroit acid house sound that
Ritchie Hawtin (aka plastikman, from windsor, ont.) came from.
Now we have Francis Dhomont on the same label as avant-garde d'n'b
producers and Paul D. Miller (aka DJ spooky)
involved in performances of Xenakis compositions...
Some times the distinctions are hard to make.
refer to:

Coil: EA or Dance?

Reich Remixed: SR inadvertantly influenced the minimalist scene

Amon Tobin: Dark D'n'B? Jazz? EA? yes.

chocolate weasel: their first album contains elements of sound collage
and soundscape

Skylab: (m. Ducasse and Howie B.) check out the song "ghost dance"

Bill laswell: his recent collaborations with Hakim Bey, Trilok Gurtu
and Coil are redolent with identifiable ea techniques: radiophonic,
soundscape and electronic...

Paul D Miller: as himself and as dj spooky, is the most concise
elocutor and essayist on the postmodern sound experience.. read his
essays Flow My Blood The DJ Said and Dark Carnival.

The Orb: has been walking that fine line for more than 10 years.

etc, etc, etc...

I think it was Neil who said he had been integrating EA into his mixes
with positive response. I have had the same experience and have felt
the same reticence in using beats in ea compositions. this isn't
because I perceive EA to be closed minded as a genre (there is possibly
a fear of funk!), rather I just haven't felt the need to. I don't
think that ANY music is mutually exclusive! Hybridization is good for
you. Keeps you regular...

how about a new sub-genre? EA/zydeco?


love peace happiness


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