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Subject: Re: silencer box
From: Rick (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 03:14:57 EDT

I had one built one out of 1/2inch ply, about 3ft long 2 feet high and wide. Used
styrofoam boxing materials adhered with liquid nails. One DC fan goes in the top,
and the port in the back for the cabling (about 4x4 inch square) is the intake.
Unless I'm doing critical listening, which admittedly isn't all the time, I run
it with the door open. The baffling still absorbs an enourmous amount of noise.
With the door shut, you can't hear the startup chime. The bottom is open, the
computer is on a 3inch high wooden stand and the whole thing sits on cotton
carpet. I know it sounds makeshift but it works and it only cost me a weekend of
roofing work as tradeout. Cabling ended up not being an issue.

Rick Nance

Garth Paine wrote:

> >Dr John Young wrote,
> You'll need long cables
> >for screens, serial cables and whatever. Apple (since that's what we have)
> >produce specs for their machines as to maximum possible cable lengths
> >without amplification for screens (something like up to 50 feet in their
> >case).
> Black Box do a number of ADB and screen cable extension solutions. - SCSI
> alos if needed, ie ZIP etc.
> Cheers,
> Garth
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