Prix Ars Catagories....

Subject: Prix Ars Catagories....
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 07:46:19 EDT

Ok so if I get this starit your calling for a change in catagories of music.
That is fine but firstly I would like to say the Elelctronic Dance Music is
no more commercial then Electroacoustic is. If you are refering to the TOP
versions of whats refered to as techno like Chemical Brothers, well I hate
to tell you that every single true technohead would state that the stuff
like Chemical Bros., or Fat Boy Slim or any of the other "techno" that
makes it to the top 40 or popular music charts is not really techno but
uses the same machines to make the music as techno. So true Techno like EA
is a underground thing just like EA is. Now as far as calling all techno or
street level listeners "crack-heads" this is crazy, most of the kids
(adults to) that Ive played my live sets for are not much different then
any other crowd who might attend an EA concert in that they are a cross
section of people from every walk of like and yes some of them are using
drugs but not any more of them then any one of the EA concert goers.
I have how ever found that in producing both techno or IDM and EA or audio
art that the audiences do differ. I am able to personally get my ideas
accross to a broader base of individuals in my techno music then through my
EA music.
The audience is larger and acctually some times way more open minded.
I have throw EA works in to my ambient dj sets all the time and get a
greater responce to them then the "ambient techno" tracks some times. When
if I were to throw in a beat oriented peice of music in to an live EA
concert of mine I would be met with more resisitence from the EA community.
I feel that all this bickering about AFX twin or Scanner or Richie Hawtin
being noticed in the Prix arts is more about resistence to the use of EA
techniques in producing some thing that does not use EA constructs.
Personally I can see the need for a music video catagory as the window
licker video should have not been compeating with
works created for Cd or concert. But personalyl I find it referesing and
interesting for EA works to compeat with some thing that is sort of comming
from a similar composisition tool base such as techno. I dont see the harm
in it, in fact if any thing maybe some EA music will then be reconised by
the kids listening to techno and some EA listeners will be exposed and
hopefully start to listen to techno. Its all about progrssion in terms of
looking forward towards a newer better medium not replicating the same
thing for the same people over and over again.

Now that I made my self more clear I hope this sheads some more light on my
personal views. Persoanlly I would like to see all prix awards done away
with, I feel it creats devisions rather then bringing people together.

PS just so you all know when I forwared the same results on to the technolist
there was similar resisitence and upset persons so I guess I would say for
the most part the techno producers of the world look just as condicenting
down on to EA as you all seem to look at techno. To bad isnt it!

Neil Wiernik

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