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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
From: Darren Copeland (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 00:15:34 EDT

At 10:44 AM 6/22/99 -0700, you wrote:
>At 12:18 PM -0400 6/22/99, Darren Copeland wrote:
>>I agree that diversity must be embraced, but that the individual styles or
>>genres should be treated separately because they are really made with
>>completely different motivations. This would prevent also any ganging up of
>>one style or grouping of artists.
>What do you see as the difference of motivations behind these things?
>Eric Lanzillotta

With the differences between electroacoustic styles/genres aside, the
creation of a work for a visual or environmental medium (video,
installation, etc) versus a work for a concert or cd medium necessitates
completely different ways of presenting information, because they are two
completely different perceptual experiences.

My use of the word motivation in my earlier statement was perhaps
misleading. I was assuming these differences would have a tremendous affect
on how the artist approaches the construction of the work. This to me might
be a more extreme case of comparing apples to oranges then comparing techno
to acousmatic.

Darren Copeland


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