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Subject: Re: silencer box
From: John Young (
Date: Tue Jun 22 1999 - 20:06:12 EDT

>Has anyone built a "silencer" box in which to place a studio computer?
>I've seen a couple in studios and they tend to be much larger than the CPU,
>which I assume is for reason of air flow around the unit itself. At least
>in Australia, commercial units are not readily available. Computer
>suppliers have no idea why you would want to reduce the noise coming from a
>computer, and office suppliers say commercial units would be too expensive
>for the market.
>Any tips for construction such as fan position, air volume required,
>baffles and ports etc would be appreciated.

Ours in ca 1 x 1.2 x 0.65 metres, from 25mm customwood. Holds computer and
all other hardware. Vents to lobby, inlets at bottom, 2 fans pulling air
through outlets at the top (2 x 110mm plumbing pipe at top and bottom). A
good idea is to have the DC powered fans on a variable voltage, so that
their speed can be adjusted to optimise air flow. You'll need long cables
for screens, serial cables and whatever. Apple (since that's what we have)
produce specs for their machines as to maximum possible cable lengths
without amplification for screens (something like up to 50 feet in their

A separate machine room is best if you can ...


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