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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
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Date: Tue Jun 22 1999 - 13:58:47 EDT

At 1:04 PM -0400 6/22/99, Neil Wiernik wrote:
>Personally I hate to see all this bickering and paranoia about another form
>of electronic music being reconised for the prix. All in all this is about
>resitence to some thing that is forward looing rahter then backward
>looking. Techno is a logical progrssion from an academic form of music
>making that is generally ignored due to the fact that for the most part EA
>music does only appeal and speak to a very narrow audience of persons
>(mostly white men and a few women) when electronic dance music which for
>the most part uses the same or similar tools as ea does speaks to a greater
>majority of persons at a localised or what I like to call street level. For
>me this is what counts on the whole.
>Im more sorry that so many of you are so resitent to progression in
>composition techniques.

Personally, I think the above as is simple minded as what it is complaining
about, as it seems to suggest that the only logical place to go from EA is
techno, and in really there are a lot of direction one can (and many have)
taken it. Also, in what you say above I think it re-states why the
differences and defensiveness are there, EA music appeals to certain people
and dance music to another. There is cross over, but probably in the same
way that some people listen to heavy metal, classical music and Irish jigs.
The progression is not totally logical just because of a similarity of
technology, there would seem to be a difference of motivation as Darren
Copeland suggested. In any case, there are a lot of places one can go from
EA, not just dance music, although that certainly is one.

As for DC and his not remembering complaining about techno, I have deleted
his original message, but seem to remember specific complaints about
repeatition and using 808's instead of natural sounds. All this got me to
thinking though, was there much uproar back in the 60's when musique
concrete artists like Pierre Henry, Francois Bayle and Bernard Parmegiani
were playing with pop music. In specific one can refer to Henry with
Michel Columbier (sp?) and Spooky Tooth, Bayle's collage of rock music
(which was on the "Electronic Panorama" box set on Philips) and
Parmegiani's pop music which will soon be released as a CD by Plate Lunch.
Was anyone on the list around in those times to know if they raised
similiar controversy within scene at the time? I guess during those times,
it might have seemed a logical progression from electronic music was
instrumental composition, judging by some histories (like Xenakis, Ferrari,

Eric Lanzillotta

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