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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Tue Jun 22 1999 - 13:04:32 EDT

No Scanner has not worked with AFX twin, but rather the have been asked to
remix each others music on occassion but this is more of a label
negotiation thing not some thing like Richard calling up scanner on the
phone asking him to remix one of his tracks.
Personally I hate to see all this bickering and paranoia about another form
of electronic music being reconised for the prix. All in all this is about
resitence to some thing that is forward looing rahter then backward
looking. Techno is a logical progrssion from an academic form of music
making that is generally ignored due to the fact that for the most part EA
music does only appeal and speak to a very narrow audience of persons
(mostly white men and a few women) when electronic dance music which for
the most part uses the same or similar tools as ea does speaks to a greater
majority of persons at a localised or what I like to call street level. For
me this is what counts on the whole.
Im more sorry that so many of you are so resitent to progression in
composition techniques.


At 05:39 PM 6/22/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>>However, I do wonder how much the winning was influences by who the judges
>>>were. For example, I know Jim O'Rourke knows and has worked with about 6
>>>of the people on the list and I believe is even included in Ralf Wehowsky's
>>>work "Tulpas" (which is a 5 CD set with many artists featured).
>>An interesting point of fact is that the competition rules specify that the
>>jury members can nominate works that were not submitted.
>>Darren Copeland
>and Scanner has worked with Aphex Twin hasn't he?...
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