Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results

Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
From: Nye Parry (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 07:32:29 EDT

Hi All

Leaving aside genre distinctions for a while does anyone have any thoughts
on the fact that the top prize in the music category went to a Video? This
reflects a trend in the last few Ars Electronicas (and of course in
culture generally) away from music as an Aural discipline toward a more
Gesamtkunstwerk/MTV conception (depending on your cultural
perception/ prejudices). I wonder whether those particular Aphex Twin
tracks would have stood a chance without the video and whether the video
would have got anywhere in a video category. ie the music justifies its
inclusion in the Pr.Ars.Elec but needs the video to mark it out as special
although the vid doesn't particularly stand out in the terms of the
competition - technologically.
Any thoughts??

Nye Parry
City University &
Guildhall School of Music and Drama

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