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Subject: Re: Prix Ars Digital Musics results
From: Lawrence Casserley (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 06:38:25 EDT

Eric Lanzillotta wrote:

>In the end, I think it's very refreshing to see this variety introduced
>into such a competion, even if I don't agree with all the choices or maybe
>perhaps think they missed a lot of other things. .........

>There is a lot more possible and many
>artists have taken things in many other directions, and not just selling
>out to putting a steady beat to things. There is still good
>electroacoustic being produced, but I think it's time some people took a
>look and saw how diverse electronic experimental music has gotten.

Here - here!

I remember (sometime in the 70s I guess) having a conversation with Hugh
Davies after some EA meeting or other, when he pointed out that when we
started everyone knew everyone, but here at the meeting were young people
running studios who we had never heard of before. This was, of course, a
statement of how wonderful it was that things had grown and broadened so

I think we are seeing another level of this now. There are lots of young
people out there who haven't come through the "traditional" University
studio path and are hungry for something more interesting. I am
constantly approached by young people after gigs, agog to know more about
what I am doing. They are interested in the background as well, eg asking
me which Stockhausen pieces they should listen to. I have played in the
same concerts as Fenesz and Rehberg - there is cross-fertilisation going
on all over the place. I am so used to people thinking my music is pretty
weird, that it is really refreshing to get this sort of response - and I
don't think it is I that has changed, so much as the audience. We should
all be welcoming that.

I find all this very positive and exciting - there are bigger, broader
audiences of young people out there - and the connections between all
these musics are greater than we sometimes think. Let's celebrate what we
all have in common - the worst thing is increasing fragmentation.

There seem to be some reservations about the way judging for the prize
was carried out. If those are true it must be sorted out - but the
principle of recognising that the field is now much broader and more
varied is, IMHO, a good one, and can only be healthier in the long run.
We have little to lose and a lot to gain from embracing these moves and
making sure we are part of them.



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