Re: CDR whows

Subject: Re: CDR whows
From: Steven Naylor (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 00:55:22 EDT

>Howdy mates, I am trying to burn a second session of audio onto a CDR. I
>guess in my optomism I'd thought that audio could be burned on, session by
>session just like data. I am using TOAST to create the CDR and I can't
>figure out how to get the second session of audio to start at the next ID
>#. Toast wants to burn the audio each time starting with ID#1. Is there a
>way to choose what ID# you would like to start your burn at, or am I stuck
>with a few CDr's with 2 mins. of music. I can just hear that kid on the
>simpson's show "HA HA".
> Thankx, Little Dave.
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> (----)
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I think an audio CD player only reads the first-burned session of a disc.
Hence, 'Audio' format must always be in Session 1, and subsequent audio
sessions would not be read - though I would guess they would mount on the
desktop and be extractable at least......?

Also, as far as I know, there is no way to fool the program into burning
tracks with ID offsets - this would probably not help anyway, as the
Session would still be read as the first (and only useable) one by an audio
CD player

Unless you 'closed' the disc with 'Write Disc' you should at least be able
to use the rest of your 2 min CDRs for data storage anyway.



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