CDR whows

Subject: CDR whows
From: dave solursh (
Date: Sun Jun 20 1999 - 23:27:40 EDT

Howdy mates, I am trying to burn a second session of audio onto a CDR. I
guess in my optomism I'd thought that audio could be burned on, session by
session just like data. I am using TOAST to create the CDR and I can't
figure out how to get the second session of audio to start at the next ID
#. Toast wants to burn the audio each time starting with ID#1. Is there a
way to choose what ID# you would like to start your burn at, or am I stuck
with a few CDr's with 2 mins. of music. I can just hear that kid on the
simpson's show "HA HA".
                Thankx, Little Dave.


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