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>you simply cannot put at the same level say Wagner´s Tristan (or a good
>Strauss vals, if you prefer popular genres) and the last CD of good dance

muz!k != ecz!zt hensz ou!. !n akord w!th konztataz!on abov
although strauss = !kk++

>Particularly I enjoy hearing well produced goa-trance music, which is a bit
>outdated nowadays,

!= akua!ntd w!th

>but of course this is ephimer music, it doesn´t last for

t!me != ecz!zt

>And for me this is the real test of their quality.

kual!t! != ov !mportansz

>Anyway, time
>will put things in their place

t.m!e != ecz!zt

>(although lots of shit survive,

ur vokab != ecz!zt

>(although lots of shit survive,


>real test

"(although lots of shit survive"

>shit survive,


>the proportion
>tends to be more equilibrated).


>!= akua!ntd w!th

1 !llog!kl konztataz!on

>I of course respect

rezpekt = bas!s ov fasc!zm. raz!zm + amr.kan.!zm [kap!tal!zm]

>the creativity of everyone,

kreat!v!t! != ecz!zt

>and their tastes.


>Also good music is good music and bad music is bad music

= dze zekuenz!al m9nd konta!nr d!ktat

>Also good music is good music and bad music is bad music

henr! po!ncare

>despite everyone´s tastes.

"lots of shit survive,"

>You can call this elitism ...

= ma! kall !t kret!n!zm auss! +?

>but good music is
>nearly always elitist.

wh!Ch = ar!vd 0+1zt good muz!k odr el!t!zm

>And each music has its social role ...

= dze zekuenz!al m9nd konta!nr d!ktat

>make people dance,

t!.me != ecz!zt

>sell CD´s, or maybe even satisfy an interior creative force.

d!nam!kx relatd 2 rel!g!on

>I deeply respect

rezpekt = bas!z ov fasc!zm. raz!zm + amer!kan!zm [kap!tal!zm]

>I deeply respect

d!nam!kx relatd 2 rel!g!on

>electronic music in general and Csound in particular.

dze d!sazemblr = atemptz 2 eczplode

>wouldn´t like it

nor would you

>to become merely another softsynth or a plugin for commercial

akadem!k kode = komerz!al kode fundd b! dze u.s. armd forsez

>It has to be much more.


>As Csound is biased towards serious timbral research


>- and not much more honestly-,

= would zm!le gentl!
@ u

>I see it naturaly linked to powerful


>algorithmic composition packages to help in the elaboration of complex scores
>for example.

par eczampl "Singing in the Bath" +?

>Josep M Comajuncosas
>C/ Circumval.lacio 75 08790 Gelida - Penedes
>Catalunya - SPAIN
>home phone : 93 7792243 / 00 34 3 7792243

au revo!r Josep M Comajuncosas l!f 4rm



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