ElectroAcoustic Music Week

Subject: ElectroAcoustic Music Week
From: sdbeck@lsu.edu
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 14:38:24 EDT

ElectroAcoustic Music Week 1999

The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) is
pleased to announce ElectroAcoustic Music Week 1999, an international
celebration of electroacoustic music, to be held November 8-15, 1999.

In previous years, EAMusic Week has been limited to North and South
America. This year, we look to expand our event offerings to be truly
international in scope.

================= EAMusic Week FAQs =================

1. What is EAMusic Week?

ElectroAcoustic Music Week is an effort by SEAMUS to bring
electroacoustic music to the cultural forefront through an international
series of programs, concerts, lectures, radio broadcasts, and open
houses. While each event is locally organized and produced, SEAMUS
provides a context for the events through EAMusic Week.

In past years, about 25-30 events relating to electroacoustic music were
held in and around the second week of November, at venues in the US,
Canada, and South America. We are currently soliciting events for
inclusion in EAMusic Week.

In return for your participation, SEAMUS will disseminate information
about each event through its on-line database
(http://leon.music.lsu.edu:591/eamusicweek/), through electronic mail
distribution and through poster and press release mailings.

Our goal this year is to coordinate 40 events. You can help us reach
that goal by sponsoring and organizing event.

2. How do I participate?

If you are affiliated with a university, college, radio station or
performing arts venue, you can produce an event which presents
electroacoustic music and its technologies to the general public. This
can be any event. It can be local, regional, national, or international
in scope.

This year, EAMusic Week is November 8-15, 1999. Events which occur in
or near these dates can participate in EAMusic Week. You do not need
to be a member of SEAMUS to participate, and there are no restrictions
to the content of your event, other than it must relate to the field of
electroacoustic music.

3. I have an event scheduled. How do I submit it to EAMusic Week?

Submission to the EAMusic Week database is done using the Internet.
First, e-mail the database administrator (sdbeck@lsu.edu) and request a
login and password for the database. Then, log into the EAMusic Week
database (http://leon.music.lsu.edu:591/eamusicweek/) and follow the

4. Can we submit more then one event?

Absolutely. The more, the merrier.

5. Will SEAMUS provide any money to help support our event?

No. EAMusic Week is designed to provide a framework for the presentation
of electroacoustic music. We look to our presenters to be creative and
entrepreneurial as they find financial support for these events.

6. I'm not a presenter. How do I get my music presented?

Search the database for a presenter in your area. Contact a local
presenter, or organize your own event. It's up to you!


For more information, request for database logins, or other questions
about EAMusic Week, contact Charles Mason (cmason@bsc.edu) or Stephen
David Beck (sdbeck@lsu.edu).

Stephen David Beck
President, SEAMUS

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