Finding Time: Live Performance on Saturday

Subject: Finding Time: Live Performance on Saturday
From: Helen Thorington (
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 11:15:18 EDT

Live on Turbulence

Finding Time
Four Continent Live Internet Broadcast

Finding Time will present the second in a series of live Internet
performances on Saturday, June 19, at 11:00 am US EDT (Eastern Daylight
Time) [-0400 GMT]. This performance will be featured simultaneously in the
Cambridge New Music Festival in Cambridge, England.

Finding Time, a collaboration between its creators Jesse Gilbert and Scott
Rosenberg, and musicians and visual artists, will connect sites on four
continents in a network-based musical interaction. Players from North
America, Australia, Europe, and Japan will converge to simultaneously
interpret a graphic score and improvise with one another. The music and
visual score will be broadcast live over the Internet for viewers to
experience in real time.

The upcoming performance includes performers: Matt Ingalls (clarinet) and
Steev Hise (electronics), San Francisco; Tim Kreger (keyboards and
electronics) Canberra, Australia; Matt Rogalsky (live electronics)
Cambridge, England; Scott Rosenberg (contrabass clarinet), New York City;
Lindsay Vickery (saxophone) Perth, Australia; Yasuhiro Otani (Max/MSP);
and Pamela Z (voice) Fujisawa, Japan.

Graphic artists contributing to the developmnt of the score include:
Nathaniel Hamon, Amy Alexander, and Marlene Nutall.

Audio engineering at the mix site by Aaron Keane and Jesse Gilbert.

The performance will be archived on the Turbulence site.

Finding Time is made possible with support from The Jerome Foundation. It
is a 1998 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its
Turbulence site.

The next performance of Finding Time will be in the Fall 1999.

For more information contact:
Jesse Gilbert: US 212-807-4210
Scott Rosenberg: US 212-666-3395
Press contact: Roberta Sklar US 914-833-7093
Helen Thorington

New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.
120 Tysen Street, Staten Island, NY 10301-1120
email: newradio@

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