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From: Chris Bailey (chris@roar.music.columbia.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 18 1999 - 10:27:10 EDT

There is lots of stuff happening. I happen to belong to the Columbia
University Computer Music Center, and we do lots o' concerts, demos,
festivals every year. Check our website at


for the latest (lately, being the summer, there's not much happening, but
when the fall comes, things will start happening again.)

Also, check our individual staff-member pages (available fromt he main
page.) individuals who work here are involved in separate groups and
projects around town, giving concerts and such all the time. These range
from instrument-and-tape affairs; to quasi-techno groups featuring bizarre
combinations of instruments such as didjeridoo, buchla, and amplified
cello; to text-sound compositions for multiple speaking voices delivering
carefully composed (and cued from ADAT) giberrish!!

From: Darren Copeland <darcope@interlog.com>
Date: 1999-06-17 11:11:15 -0400
To: cecdiscuss@concordia.ca
Subject: NY ea presenters
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Just out of curiousity. What is there in the way of electroacoustic
concerts in the New York area?

Who are the main presenters?

Where do concerts usually take place?

How often in a year?

Darren Copeland


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