Re: need mic amp

Subject: Re: need mic amp
From: dave solursh (
Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 22:43:32 EDT

I don't have a mic amp, other than my mixing board to go into my Mac, but
have been wanting to buy one from a company called PAIA. They sell kits to
built your own equipment, and I have bought stuff before and it is good
stuff for the dollar. but you have to be into building it yourself. The
modle they sell has two mono tube mic amps built into the same unit,
phantom power, and is about $140 usd for the kit, I think. Check out their
web site, <> hope this helps.
Little Dave.

>We are in the market for a portable stereo microphone preamp that we
>can use with a Macintosh computer. It should have XLR connectors with 48 v.
>phantom power, variable gain, and very low distortion and noise. Our
>microphone is a Neumann KM84i.
>Two that have been suggested so far are the Symetrix SX202 ($230) and the
>Behringer ($210). I would appreciate any comments on these models or
>suggestions about anything comparable in price that would be as good or
>Jim Beauchamp


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