Re: Microphone advice urgently required

Subject: Re: Microphone advice urgently required
Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 11:52:45 EDT

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>I am in the process of making recordings of natural environmental sounds
>in a variety of parks areas - mountains, grassland/prairie, forests.
>To date I have not been satisfied with the fidelity of the recordings. I
>am using a Tascam DA-P1 DAT recorder, and Audio Technica 4041 microphones.
>The problem is that the noise floor is exaggerated in the recording - I
>need to boost the recording level to capture the subtle sounds I am after
>and therefore it seems to create a large background noise or "hiss".
>There is also an extreme sensitivity to wind noise - even with the use of
>wind screens.
>I would very GREATLY appreciate some advice on which microphones are best
>suited for my recording.

The AT 4041's are cardiod mics, and will be more sensitive to wind noise than
an omni. I see that AT 3527 looks like a similarly-priced mic, but w/ omni
characteristics. Less max. spl, but that's not the problem here! There are
many other choices, budget depending. I think that most folks stick to the
omni mics outdoors if given a choice.

Good luck, *TOM*

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