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Subject: Re: NY ea presenters
Date: Thu Jun 17 1999 - 10:40:44 EDT

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>Just out of curiousity. What is there in the way of electroacoustic
>concerts in the New York area?
>Who are the main presenters?
>Where do concerts usually take place?
>How often in a year?
>Darren Copeland

I co-produce the "Warmer by the Stove" and "Cooler in the Shade" series at
Lotus Music and Dance, in midtown Manhattan. We do 4 concerts of improvised
music and intermedia in the winter and 4 in the summer, and the series has
been running for about 7 years.

In past concerts, some of the composer/performers involved in electronic
media have been David Behrman, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, John Driscoll, Richard
Lerman, Mark Trayle, Ellen Band and Neil Rolnick.

Our next series will be July 23, 24,30,31. This time there will be a
wonderful group of improvising musicians, but little electronics. Look for
postings on the Usenet, and perhaps here as well.


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