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Subj: ANN: Finding Time Web Cast

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 13:50:34 +0900
From: Tim Kreger <Tim.Kreger@anu.edu.au>
Subject: ANN: Finding Time Web Cast

HI Guys,
        this broadcast will be at 1.00AM EST(australia) June 20.


Finding Time
Four Continent Live Internet Broadcast

Finding Time, the second in a series of performances of a live Internet
broadcast will take place Saturday, June 19, at 11:00 am US EDT (Eastern
Daylight Time) [-0400 GMT]. This performance will be simultaneously
featured in the Cambridge New Music Festival in Cambridge, England.

Finding Time, a collaboration between its creators Jesse Gilbert and Scott
Rosenberg, and musicians and visual artists, connects sites on four
continents in a network-based musical interaction. Players from North
America, Australia, Europe, and Japan will converge to simultaneously
interpret a graphic score and improvise with one another. The music and
visual score are broadcast live over the Internet for viewers to
experience in real time.

The live performance, phase II of the ongoing work-in-progress, features
the expansion of the ensemble to include sites in Japan, an entirely new
set of graphic images (score) for the instrumentalists to interpret, and a
completely different score from that first performed in March, 1999.

With the successful launching of Finding Time Gilbert and Rosenberg have
set out to extend the scope of the project. The collaborative approach
first used with a geographically far flung musical ensemble has been
applied to the graphic element, which will incorporate manipulated images
from several different artists in the final score.

Composer/Engineer Jesse Gilbert and Composer/Coordinator Scott Rosenberg
first conceived of Finding Time as a millennium project while on a long
train ride between Budapest and Prague, in Winter, 1997. Since that time,
they have been developing the work and continue to use Finding Time as a
means of exploring creative collaborations over the Internet.

Gilbert and Rosenberg, both composer-performers, have collaborated on a
number of projects over the last decade, most notably online, in
collaborations with Helen Thorington (in Adrift, performed at Ars
Electronica in Austria), Pauline Oliveros, and ParkBench (Emily Hartzell
and Nina Sobell). Rosenberg and Gilbert have also performed numerous duet
concerts in New York and San Francisco.

Scott Rosenberg is a composer/performer who has worked in a wide variety of
performance contexts over the past several years, ranging from large
multi-disciplinary collaborations to solo instrument performances on tenor
and sopranino saxophones and contrabass clarinet. He has been identified
by the SF Bay Guardian as "a key player in the thriving improv and new-music

Jesse Gilbert is a composer who has been working in the online medium
extensively since 1997. He has worked as a performer, audio engineer,
computer programmer, and technical coordinator on a range of
Internet-based projects. He acted as a technical advisor to artnetweb's
"PORT:Navigating Digital Cultures" exhibition at the Vera List Gallery at
the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, and has collaborated with a
number of artists, including ParkBench (Emily Hartzell and Nina Sobell),
Helen Thorington, Marek Walczak, Jonathan Feinberg, Martin Wattenberg,
Pauline Oliveros, Maggi Payne, Les Stuck, and many others. Gilbert
studied composition with Alvin Lucier and Anthony Braxton at Wesleyan
University, and will be entering the Composition:New Media program at
CalArts in the Fall of 1999.

Finding Time is being developed with the participation of many important
contributors, including: Matt Rogalsky, Matt Ingalls, Steev Hise, Melanie
Townsend-Smith, Lindsay Vickery, Nathaniel Hamon, Amy Alexander, Tim Kreger,
Yasuhiro Otani, Pamela Z, John Shiurba, Atau Tanaka, Aram Sinnreich,
Marlene Nutall, and Aaron Keane.

Finding Time is made possible by support from The Jerome Foundation and

Finding Time lives at: http://www.turbulence.org/Works/ftime
and will be viewable live at:
on June 19th, 1999 at 11:00am EDT, -0400 GMT

You will need a Real Audio Player and a fourth generation browser to
properly view and listen to Finding Time.

If you cannot catch it live, look for the archive shortly after, also at:

The next performance of Finding Time will be in the Fall 1999.

For more information contact:
Jesse Gilbert: US 212-807-4210
Scott Rosenberg: US 212-666-3395
Press contact: Roberta Sklar US 914-833-7093

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